The Main Parts Of A Razor

Holding the Razor

  • Hold your razor in your dominant hand.
  • Place your pinky/little finger on the tang and your thumb on the underside of the shank the heel.
  • You're now holding the razor in the standard forehand stroke position.
  • Roll your fingers forwards and your thumb back so that the edge of the blade now faces up this is called an upstroke position.
  • Rotate your hand in a clockwise direction so that the edge of the blade in pointing down for a reverse backhand position.
  • Roll your thumb forward and your fingers backward so the blade's edge is pointing upwards for another upstroke position.
  • State boards require you to move the blade in the directions laid out by individual States.
  • Inward towards the mouth at the sides of the face.
  • Upward on the lower neck and below the lower lip.
  • Down and outward above the upper lip.

Forehand Position

Forehand Position

Reverse Backhand Position

Straight Position Used Under the Chin Area

The other hand is now free to use to apply tension on the skin. This is called your tension hand. You must keep your fingers dry and free of product to prevent them slipping on the face.

The tension hand should be placed at the back of the razor so that you can stretch to skin underneath the razor before carrying out each stroke.

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